Frequently Asked Questions

A sydney-based photo booth and Instagram InstaPrint available for hire.

Does CheekyBooth Photo booth customize backgrounds and layouts?

We will design and create designed overlays or backgrounds for you. We will email you a draft design then you let us know if corrections need to be made. We can make horizontal or vertical designs. We can even use an actual photo or a caricature of the celebrant into the design.

How far do you travel?

We can travel up to 40Kms travel from our BASE in Moorebank, NSW for free. Anything more than 40Kms please feel free to contact us so we can discuss our rates.

Can I extend the length of my rental?

Yes, we charge an additional $150.00 for every hour of extension. Please book this in advance as we might have an event after yours and might not be able to accommodate your request.

How many pictures can one take?

All our packages include unlimited 15 second printing. So take as many photos as you want! Only 1 print per session though. If you want double prints, we charge extra $100/ event.

What if I need additional prints?

You can opt to print 2 copies of each session for $100/ event so that you can put them in a photo album that your guests could write messages on.

What quality prints does CheekyBooth Photo booth provide?

Our photos are printed using a professional dye sublimation photo printer on a 6x4 size print. We use a 15 mega pixel DSLR camera so the resolution is also great for large prints.

Where can you setup CheekyBooth Photo booth and how much space do you require?

Our photobooth can be setup almost anywhere. We only require that there be nearby powerpoint outlet and about 3 meters by 2 meters of unobstructed space. Remember, the bigger the space the more people can fit in the picture.

Will I be able to have CheekyBooth Photo booth be brought up a flight of stairs?

Yes, as long as the stairs are at least 1 meter wide. It will also fit in most elevators.

Do you offer a Guestbook package?

We offer a Guestbook + Double Prints as an option to add to the basic package that you can make as a Photo Guest Book (a keepsake for the celebrant). We will print an additional copy of all the photos taken during the event; lay them out in a scrapbook and the guests can write a message along with their photo. We will bring the supplies according to the theme of your party. This option is suggested for parties celebrating an individual or a couple. It will cost extra $350 on top of the chosen package.

How do I go about making a reservation?

Just send us an email and tell us when and where you will be having your event. We require a 50% deposit to secure a reservation. $100 of the deposit is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE. The rest is refundable should you choose to cancel the event. We accept cash or Direct Deposit.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

We will need at least 7 days in advance so that we can work out a customized print template.

Will I get a copy of all the photos of my event?

Yes! All photos will be available online the next day of your event. You can download individual photos and print-ready of all images printed during your event.

Do you bring the photo booth & leave?

No. Our services include an attendant to supervise and operate the equipment.

Does the photo booth look like a traditional photo booth?

No. It is a compact custom built mobile pod that encloses our equipment. We use umbrella lights to control the lighting environment which would be visible outside the pod housing.

How many participants can fit in the photo booth?

That's the beauty of an open photo booth. Our booth can fit up to 15 people depending on the space provided to us.

Do you offer online event galleries? Are they password protected?

Yes! We certainly do. Many of our clients wants their photos available in our gallery so friends and relatives overseas can view all the photos. They are web optimized resolutions but can be print up to 6x4. We don’t normally put a password, but we can restrict the page to only authorized users as you wish. Clients may choose whether or not to have their event photos uploaded on our website and on our Facebook page.

How long do the photos stay online and are the photos free to download?

90 days from day of the event. Yes, all of your photographs on the gallery are free to download! You and your guests can have them printed extra through our business partner and use their additional products and services.

What makes you different than other photo booth companies?

CheekyBooth Photo booth is family owned so we take care of each event like it is our own.